225th UEL Conference 2008

The Following Photos are from our UNITED EMPIRE LOYALIST 225th Landing Anniversary Conference that was held at the Hilton Hotel, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada from 10 July to 13 July 2008. I was honored to give a Loyalist Lecture plus represent my books there as a vendor. It was very pleasing to be where my loyalist ancestors landed in 1783. I was so fortunate enough to have enough time to travel that far as my health issues permitted a limited time sitting. This was a very hard thing to pass up after all my past years of research and services and associations while I was employed and in good health. Thank you UEL of Saint John.

The later part of these photos are from Harding Point Campground where Howard & Diane Heans are owners of the grounds and Harding House that was originally built by my Loyalist ancestor, Benjamin Bonnell in 1785 after being granted this 200 acres from King George III. Benjamin lived here until 1811 when he sold it to Mr. Theal of Saint John who later sold it to William Harding who made this location famous to travellers of the Saint John River.

Finally, I am proudly showing you my signed letter and photo from The Prince Philip who I met at Lennoxville, Quebec in 1989 where he accepted my first book, Thunder Over New England. This book is now part of the Buckingham Palace Private library in England.

UEL Letter Listed in above Photos

To: Paul Bunnell     16 July 2008                Dear Speaker

On behalf of the New Brunswick Branch of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada I want to personally thank you for giving a talk on Saturday morning at the Dominion Conference.

Several attendees commented on the quality of all the sessions, and I did not hear a single negative comment - so this was a job well done.

Your expertise and superb coverage of the topic was evident and helped to make the overall conference an outstanding success.

I hope you enjoyed your time at the conference and found the experience a rewarding one.

Sincerely, Ruth Fleweilling Lesbrirel UE

Corresponding Secretary for the UELAC (New Brunswick Branch)