Hardings Point Campground


The Harding House dated c. 1900, Long Reach/Westfield, Land Grant #1, 200 acres.

I recommend that you visit this site. Owned by Diane and Howard Heans, Hardings Point Campground has 200 acres plus older part of the Harding House that was once built and owned by my ancestor, Col. Benjamin Bonnell, UE given by King George III in 1785. Benjamin and his wife Sarah (Jones) owned this property until 1811 where they went across the river to Devil's Back, Greenwich Parish where Ben died on 17 Feb. 1828.

Please take the time to visit this beautiful campground and enjoy its Loyalist history.



13 July 2008 at Harding House with myself and owner Howard Heans

Older part of the Harding House which is really the Bonnell House part built by Benjamin Bonnell in 1785.