Sub & Co-Chief Paul Gwilawato
Election of Paul as Sub Chief 4 Nov 2008

One of my greatest honors in my life was the overwhelming results of my election and appointment of Koasek Abenaki Nation Sub-Chief, Paul Gwilawato Bunnell, sworn in on 2 Nov. 2008 at 3 PM at the beautiful home of citizen and tribal council member Mike Fenn in North Haverhill, New Hampshire overlooking the historical Koasek Abenaki Connecticut River territory. The photo below (from left to right) is Ret. Chief Howard Knight Jr., Chief Brian Chenevert, Paul Gwilawato Bunnell (myself) and Tribal Judge Dr. Raymond Lussier.

I plan to serve my Koasek nation to the best of my ability and to help promote many ideals and programs that will support all our citizens and to make our nation grow bigger and stronger. My developing Native American heritage has shown me how much genealogy of my founding ancestors there were that created all my relatives that live today. I take great pride in leading our Koasek nation into the future and help promote and collect all my Native American linages. I thank my mother and Memere and Peppere for this wonderful heritage that they never knew they had.

My parents loved and lived in the wilderness for many years, searching natures wonders. My mother enjoyed making native American bead necklaces without knowing her heritage was directing her. With a camera, they hunted wolves all around Mount Shasta and Lassen in Northern California. Her fascination with this Native American Icon and spiritual creature was a passion and if she only knew today what all that meant, she would be a more complete woman. I talk to her and my Acadian/Quebec grandparents all the time in spirit and they now know who they are, and I will continue to make them proud from what I do for them and my family.

My Abenaki name of "Gwilawato" means "He Searches For Something." Given to me by Chief, Brian Chenevert,  and Co-Chief Nancy Millette; it says so much about my last past and present. As a young boy growing up in Pacoima, California, I played the roles of hostile Indian over the white calvary, and later turned into the mad scientist from Mars looking for wonders. As a young man, I searched the California desert for lost treasures and natural monuments. I worked many years for the famed Howard Hughes in a top secret job in research and development, witnessing national defense experiments. Looking for a better life, I moved my family around the country at which time I found genealogy through the Mormon Church. This started me on a road of the longest search of my life. This led me back to my family roots; back to my home state of Massachusetts where I found my Canadian Loyalist genealogy and later my large and hidden Native American bloodlines. As I write my genealogy books helping others search for their roots, I am naturally for-filling my Abenaki name's destiny..... "GWILAWATO" (He Searches For Something). Below is that email from Chief Brian and Co-Chief Nancy.

Kwai Paul     Sept. 6, 2006

NOW forever known as


which means " he looks for something"

because you are always searching and researching...

You have the option to turn this name down if you are not happy with it and we will search again...

Let us know

Chief Nancy Lyons            Chief Brian Chenevert

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Subject: Native American Name – I accept my honored name

Thank You For This Honor,


Sub-Chief Paul Gwilawato Bunnell

As Acting Chief from Sub-Chief after Chief Chevenert's departure, on 11 Aug. 2011, Chief Nathan Pero asked me to be his Co-Chief. With both our strong positions we hope to give our nation future hope and will help our recognition in Vermont, and move forward in many areas that will make our nation grow into a full service tribe. I thank Chief Nathan and promise to do my best to improve our future.

Co-Chief Paul Gwilawato Bunnell

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