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The following comments, reviews and feedback are from our readers of our Dawnland Voice Newsletter and regarding other areas of interests and concerns of our citizens. I would also like to thank all those who take the time out to give us feedback because without you, we would have no tribal direction that truly represents our people. To protect privacy I have left out the individuals names unless they request otherwise.


9 Nov. 2014

This is a very kind letter to Chief Paul Bunnell, Tribal Genealogist that helped one Quebec Canada cousin find his Native American ancestors. (Translation to English)

-----Original Message-----
From: AIGLE LICORNE ##############
To: PAUL J. BUNNELL <bunnellloyalist@aol.com>
Sent: Sun, Nov 9, 2014 3:39 am

 Thank you, thank you, Meegwetch.
Kwai Kwai, Hello Chief Paul J. Bunnell, EU.

How are you?
I hope everything goes well for you, your community and your work and your research projects.

I was very surprised and very happy to hear from you.

At the same time I was speaking in sharing the phone with the elderly and Métis, your message came in, but I've realized only after the conversation that I had received this wonderful gift, my heart was very happy and two more Aboriginal energies are crossed at the same time without my knowledge, this is the well-timed positive energy.



This is a great and wonderful work carefully with professionalist and passion that you did!

Well classified Generations, the Aboriginal evidence Lines, details described very neatly and well documented by all sources, the Index Names and Index of Places.


I humbly think that the energies of your Grandfathers, your Grandmothers and Great Spirit accompany you to your work and projects.
It is a masterpiece in every way saw a real work of Monk Excellence.

It is very rare and not that hounds the streets.

Only a Master connected with the energy and passion in his love for his work and can perform the beautiful and wonderful gift that I received.
Santa Claus has passed before their time.

It is as if a leprechaun sent me bundles lights of stars that turned into happiness and multiple energies in my heart, my soul, my mind and all around me, when I read and watched the all over again.

It feels like a part of me that I missed and that will flow quietly under the hidden or sleeping through the Generations and Time sails, hoping all with balance, with wisdom and protection in the spiritual evolution and everything will announce in the future.

Finally, the recognition and the history of my ancestors begin to unfold and flourish over time, thanks to the Great Spirit, the Grandfathers and Grandmothers continue to guide you.

Nothing belongs to us all is that we paid.

I enclose herein a humble share in files:

A file on a file Poulin and information lines that I do not know if it's good or not, if it can help you or not, or if not to cancel such information.
Take your time and be comfortable to see the full Pedigree, you are currently a great job with your research and skills, energy with you.

It is very much appreciated and great to see how you do everything.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with good love, peace, health, happiness, prosperity and success in all your projects and for your community.
After reading and viewing your wonderful work, I can not help but be anxious to hear from you and your shares.

I hope the time will come, when the Grand -Esprit decide that we can share all the elements or objects in all spheres or dimensions, so that I can understand or share in times and places with a wise and balanced environment.

I had a lot of problems with my computer, that's why I have not been able to communicate more quickly. I had problems with the software.

To translate it into English, I go to google and write in the box TRANSLATION then he shows me two tables or rectangles with the languages you want to get into writing in the box left and the right result in the language you have chosen.

I was told that this is one of the most successful for the actual translation, and more in the bottom of the tables, if you make a mistake or other text, it will help in giving aid to better understand your corrections, it is very accurate and one of the best for all translations, this is how I managed to write to you in your language of respect.

Thank you for your dedication, your passion, your service and your shares.

Regards.13 Sept. 2009


 Kwai Kwai, Paul. I received the Dawnland Voice Newsletter last week. There is a
lot in there. Kudos! The language part is beyond me at this point. I"ve gotten
to Joubert's website for accurate pronunciation that I find very helpful.

I also noted the article from Indian Country Today on the commission. Frankly, I
find it self serving that some would want to define the Abenakis soley in terms
of one band when, as you note, there were Abenakis all over the Northeast and
they all were interrelated. I wonder where this will all play out especially
when the terms of S117 offer recognition to the Abenakis as a whole, not in
part. Also, I would hate to see one group's motives defined by their quest for
profit at the expense of others who have legitimate claim to descendancy from
Abenakis and whose motives are not rooted in economic competition.

I also got into the website of DNATribes. Have you found that testing lab to be
credible? I may follow up with more testing.

Also, concerning Madakwando, is there truth in the claim that his father in law
was Bomaseen, chief of the Kennebecks?

I'm looking forward to the council and meeting you there in October.


12 Sept. 2009

Hey Paul,
                        Very nice job on the newsletter,I enjoy it as allways.
11 Sept. 2009
Hi Paul
I received the latest issue of the Dawnland Newsletter today.  Wow!!!  As usual, it looks great and is packed with info.  It seems a bit bigger than in previous issues…that’s a good thing.  J
Rick and Carolyn’s write-up is great…of course I am a bit prejudiced. 
Hope all is well at your end.
Happy Autumn.