Our Family Pets Taco & Meiko Passes Away
Chihuahua Adios Amigo & Bon Voyage Princess



On Friday 1 March 2013, my son Matthew Bunnell, lost his best friend, and family member, Taco Bunnell. He was the bravest Chihuahua the world has ever known. He stood up against German Sheppards, Mailman, Strangers, and anyone who dared to sit between him and Matthew. You were guaranteed a terrible bruise or teeth marks into your fingers. But when Taco was asleep he was the picture of a little angel tucked right under his daddy's arm.

We will miss you Taco and your room mate Miko sheds her tears for you. It has been a fun and loving 16 years.


Around 25 April 2013, Meiko Bunnell, a Princess Japanese Chin followed her brother Taco to Doggie Heaven. After 14 faithful years we will miss here worried nervous circling as her favorite passtime. During growing up she was mostly influenced by the cats that lived with Matthew. She was very independent, loved to sit on high places and her best place to rest was on the cool tile floor. We miss you Meiko.  

On 4 May 2013, Pearl, a long hair Chihuahua became a new house family member in Matthew's quiet apartment. She is 4 years old and became very comfortable after meeting him. It was a hard desicion for Matt but Pearl needed a quiet one on one home and this opportunity was a perfect fit. WELCOME PEARL