Violette Reunion 2011
Violette Family Reunion Photos 2011

Violette Family Association Reunion

Van Buren, Maine August 2011


This reunion was one of our best and successful reunions. Held in our ancestors (Francois Violette) settled town around 1790, name it Violette Brook after the named river that ran through, later what was called Van Buren. But our Violettes and associated families lived on both sides of the Saint John River (Canada & USA). Nearly 250 Violette's attended from all over the USA and Canada. It was held at the American Legion Hall in town and between great speakers, vendors and entertainment, everyone had a great time, not to forget seeing each other once again. We were saddened by the non-appearing Rita Lippe (founder) and Dick and Alice Violette due to health issues.

It was also my last term as association president and I can only pray that I made a difference in my two terms.  

Entertainment was Don Levesque and his Acadian Music and singers. (Saturday night); Melanie Saucier (Acadian/French & Popular Music)

Speakers were Yvon Cyr; Anne Roy, Lisa Pelletier; Rod & David Violette and Guy Dubay

Vendors were: John Violette (Violette Items); Paul Bunnell (Metis Books); Yvon Cyr (Acadian Genealogy CD's) 

I want to thank my board along with others that made this reunion turn out as it did. And I want to thank all those for their confidence and everything we did together: Christine & Bob Lippencott; Rod Violette; Paul Violette; David & Elaine Violette; John & Louiselle Violette; Anne Roy; Kim Richards; Steve & Cindy Doucette (Caterers); Hannah Bunnell & Tim Conn

And finally I want to wish the new board (David & Rod & Paul Violette and our new Treasurer from Wash DC) the best of luck with the coming term and reunion plans for 2014 back in Van Buren Maine where the Acadian Congress is holding their Acadian families reunion program. This special time will bring nearly 100 other Acadian families back to the Upper Saint John River Valley (Hosted by Maine, Quebec, New Brunswick)