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27 Jan. 2015 on PBS

It was so exciting to see my Loyalist ancestor up on lights after 35 years of research into his exciting and later peaceful life. Thanks to so many people who got involved in the search, promotion and interests in bringing Benjamin back to life once again.

Those involved in the very beginning were Mary Tedesco, coordinator for the Philadelphia Genealogy Roadshow, and Charlie Bunnell, past editor to the Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter and Research coordinator, and Jeffrey Amos, producer of the Roadshow who needed absolute connections between his Isaac Bonnell and Loyalist Benjamin Bunnell/Bonnell. Jeff was under a tight deadline schedule and needed anything I may have on the family to present to Alexander Anthony who was going to be on the show as the reciepient of the information found, another Benjamin Bunnell descendant. The following are my research results and later photos of the documents I furnished, a very exciting and proud outcome for Alexander Anthony:   Hi Jeff,

Charlie Bunnell passed your request on to me because I have many loyalist records. I will try to get you the information you need quickly but I must ask a few questions.

There are two Loyalist Isaac Bunnell/Bonnell's, neither are related to my Loyalist Benjamin Bonnell/Bunnell. 

Isaac Bonnell U.E., Esquire, b. 29 Aug. 1738, New Jersey. (No parents found yet) Died c. 7 Nov. 1806, Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada. Wife: Grace Fox, married 3 Dec. 1763.

Isaac Bunnell U.E., b. 21 July 1745, Redding, Fairfield, Connecticut. Died August 1791, Kierstead/Collina, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada. Wife: Jerusha Sherwood, married 1771 at Newtown, Connecticut. Came to Saint John, (Nova Scotia), New Brunswick, Canada 1783. Isaac's parents were Gershom Bunnell & Margaret Johnson.

Benjamin Bonnell/Bunnell U.E., b.c. 1744, New Jersey. (no parents-do not connect to traditional Bunnell family that settled Connecticut) Died 17 Feb. 1828 Greenwich/Westfield, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada. Wife, Sarah/Sally Jones. Served as Colonel in Benedict Arnold's Loyalist American Legion 1781. He and family fled the Great Exodus of New York on 8 July 1783 from Wall St. Docks for Saint John NB (Nova Scotia). Kings Grants were, 10 acre lot Parr Town, Carlton Co. NB. and 27 Jan. 1786, 200 acres, Long Reach, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada where his house still stands today.

Though all Ben's children could receive a grant, his son Isaac was born in 1799 at Long Reach and died 1882 at Greenwich, NB. I don't believe this Isaac is who you are looking for.

Please let me know what person and family you need for your program. If your subject is related to Benjamin Bonnell, then I can help connect the dots. I also have much on the two above Isaac's. Let me know and I will be happy to expedite any further request.  Best Wishes, Chief Paul Bunnell, UE

Chief Paul J. Bunnell, UE, Author, Professional Genealogist

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Hi Paul, 

Thank you so very much for getting back to me. I truly appreciate it. I think I introduced some accidental ambiguity in my initial email in an attempt at brevity. I believe that the third Isaac you mention, the son of Benjamin Bunnell, is ours. 

We have traced our family to an Isaac Bonnell in Kings County. All of the census data says that he was born in the province of New Brunswick. Based on the census information, he would have been born around the turn of the century, 1799/1800. His wife is Lavinia/Levina. We believe this is likely Levine Kemball/Kimball, but that's based on an index on the New Brunswick Provincial Archives website. He had many children, but our family connects through his son Benjamin Simeon Bonnell. 

Based on what you've written below, I think our Isaac is a likely match for the son of your Benjamin Bonnell. Does this match by what you have? 

I've also added Mary Tedesco to this email chain. She's been looking into this story as well - and I believe you might know each other. 

Thank you again for your quick response. I very much appreciate it! I'm happy to send over any info and documents that we have for this line. Best, Jeff


On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 10:42 AM, Chief Paul J. Bunnell, UE <> wrote:

Hi Jeff & Mary,

I'm glad this comes together. I have been to Isaac's grave at Brown's Flat just up the hill from the final property of our Loyalist Benjamin who died there at Devil's Back. I've gone up on the hill where the house was located and where son Isaac and Lavinia inherited at Ben's death. In fact Isaac bought 100 acres of that 200 acre lot before Ben died. And his mom, Sarah (Jones) was given the right to live in the house after Ben's death in 1828. I owned 20 acres of this property in the 90's but had to sell. I made sure I kept one square acre on the road for rights to place a monument there for the family. So far I have not been able to afford it.

Lavinia Kembell/Kimble was born 20 March 1809, Westfield, Kings Co., New Brunswick and died 24 March 1889 at Westfield, and is buried at Brown's Flat Cemetery where Isaac is. They got married 28 Dec. 1831 at Westfield Anglican Church (St. James). This family changed to Baptist.  
Let me know if you need more info.  Regards, Paul

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This is incredible, Paul. Thank you! I'm hoping that I can beg of you just a little more help. Is there a document that can be found in order to clearly illustrate the relationship between Isaac and his father Benjamin? And of course, I would love to be able to track down any documents that we might be able to show that illustrate Benjamin's time as a soldier in the American Legion. 

We have a record from his service in the 1st New Jersey regiment during the war - at least we think it's his. We've seen a mention that he first was enrolled in the NJ Regiment and then deserted before joining with the American Legion. (Is this accurate according to your research?) I would love to be able to show anything that illustrates these transitions - as well as perhaps his indictment for counterfeiting during the war. 

I ask for your help here because I'm very worried that we may not have time to track down these documents. I truly, truly appreciate any help that you're able to provide. If it's easier, I'm also available by phone. Thank you so much!  Best,  Jeff