Loyalist Indexes Vo 6 & 7


The New Loyalist Index Vol. 6 (Including 1812 Metis) Revised

First Nation Loyalists' And Their Associates. As listed in the rest of this series, I have placed the sources at the front of the book and noted a source code after each Loyalist listing. Though small, this edition contains our Native American, and their Associated members. Many may not be Native American, but was associated with them through their service in the Indian Department. But, many of the non-natives could be spouses or children of the First Nation People so it is worth listing them here. Every effort has been taken to identify who was Native American because it is the aim of this edition to list them. Any corrections or additions are always welcome to include in my future publications. I have included Metis who served in the War of 1812 and though they are not our classic Loyalist, many did live on both sides of the border and they were forced in many cases to relocated into Canada because of the siding with the British so this is the reason I included them.

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Here is another issue of my popular series of loyalist listings as I find them during my research. In this volume we have 20 sources, plus a case history of a wrongly suspected loyalist for many years, James Breakenridge of Vermont. Because of his wife's claim to the English government and both their sons being loyalists, James was labled incorrectly as a loyalist. His wife's request was turned down by the commission and we even have proof of his support to the rebel cause. This case has been listed in this volume to show you the stumbling blocks that can be incurred during research our loyalist ancestors.

This edition has also be dedicated to my UEL branch in Saint John, New Brunswick during our 225th. anniversary of the landing of our loyalist ancestors in 1783 at Saint John. After 25 years of membership, I have seen many changes and growth in our membership and programs. I look forward to being there from 11 - 13 July 2008 to lecture on the USA sources and my famous loyalist ghost story to the conference. I also look forward to the hospitality of all the New Brunswick people.

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