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Our Newest Best F riends Are:

Ontario Metis Family Records Center (OMFRC)
1314 Hybla Road RR 5
Bancroft, Ontario, Canada K0L 1C0
The Ontario Metis Family Records Center (OMFRC) is dedicated to researching and documenting the aboriginal and Metis families of Ontario.  While Ontario is our primary focus, it is impossible to restrict our research to only Ontario. 
The Chief of our Council is Chief Wolf Spirit, he is Abenaki. Our healer is Passamaquoddy, I am Dine', we have Mohawk and Wampanoag and there are a few others.
The name of our Council is the Chief Wolf Spirit Native American Scholarship Fund.
We have a web site regarding our powwow at

 Six Nations Iroquois Clans Program Teachers Guide

Contact: Zig Misiak
178C Dunsdon St., Brantford,

Ontario, Canada, N3R 6T3
Ph# 519 757 0910 Fx# 519 757 0634


Metis Eastern Tribal Indian Society of Maine 

This society has much to offer. Great programs for family and educational offers for our Metis cuture and history. They are extremely friendly. Please visit their site today and tell them I sent you.


 Putnam Memorial State Park, Redding Connecticut, Re-enactors

Check out our latest friends site: URL:

Ancient Faces is our newest friend. Please visit their site

Check out Cyndie's List. Make sure you have the time because this site is a goldmind of information.

Title: Mayrand Family Association: Genealogy Articles and Databases
Description: This site has a description of the meanings and brief history
of names around the world, with focus on Mayrand family. It chronicles
more than 11,000 families from 1102 through hundreds of years in North

The Francis Coppola Fanlisting. I am a member who hopes someday to see my work in the movies. Also one of the best movies ever made was "The Outsiders."

 Fun Stuff for Genealogists, Inc.P.O. Box 1167
Mishawaka, IN 46546
Toll Free for orders: 877-259-6144
Cell Phone: 574-210-1157(if not at the office)
Over 500 FUN and USEFUL things for the Genealogist! Check these guys out. I did at the FGS conference in Boston and they have a lot of neat and fun stuff. Contact them right away.

Rooted in Ireland

"Rooted in Ireland offers people around the world the chance to own an oak
tree planted on a dedicated site in Ireland. A portion of the purchase price
goes to charity." Website is:

TRADITIONAL COWASUCK of NORTH AMERICA - Cowassuck Traditional Band - Abenaki

Acadian Genealogy Homepage  One of the best sites for Acadian and Cajun genealogy, with many great products for sale. Yvon Cyr has done a wonderful job. Yvon Cyr, E-Mail: <>[ Producer of numerous Acadian-Cajun Genealogy CD-ROMs ]3-304 Stone Road West, Unit 311,
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
[ Originally from Grand Falls, New Brunswick... right smack in the middle of the Madawaska Territory where so much Acadian history has been written ]N1G 4W4a) View great gift ideas at the Acadian-Cajun & French-Canadian Online Boutique: Visit my award winning Acadian Genealogy Homepage web site at... c) Visa Online Acadian-Cajun Genealogy CD-ROM Orders: CD-ROM Orders by regular Postal Mail: or View your own family crest by connecting to

Paul Noble's Website: is a very interesting site on Loyalist history and Revolutionary War points of view; Buried History of the American Revolution. Be sure to check it out.


Toni Feeney DBA Preserved Books Historical & Genealogical Books on CD, 19 Gallant Dr., Saco, Maine 04072, Phone 207-282-5647, Email: Website:

History & Genealogy Freely Shared
         Janice Farnsworth

Tons of early New England genealogy. Great site.

Norm Leveillee of West Greenwich, Rhode Island and his Website: is devoted to our French Canadian and First Nation genealogy and history. He has an excellent newsletter with tons of material carefully translated and researched.

The Violette Family Association - Welcomes all old and new members and descendants of Francois Violette/Violet (b. 1744 d. 1824). I am one of them and for more information, please check out this site or click onto their official website at:

Ancestrial Manor - Sharon Sargeant - Visit her genealogy store and items for sale.  Ancestrial Manor, 48 Lake St., Waltham, Ma. 02451. Phone 781-209-8861. She has all kinds of old maps, newspapers from all over the world. They make excellent genealogy tools. Her genealogical product packaging is the best in the field. Be sure to visit Sharon's new site; Ancestral Manor at http:\\\dnn\ She has thousands of items for sales; maps, books, genealogies, reviews, etc. You name it, everything is here.

United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, Toronto - Main Branch, 50 Baldwin St., Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1L4, Phone 416-591-1783, email There are also UEL branches all over Canada. Registering and certifying your loyalist ancestor is very important and this is the place to do it. The Loyalist Gazette is by far the best magazine in its field and the best quality anywhere.

Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter - By Charles ( Email: & Pat Bunnell - Bunnell/Bonnell Related Genealogy. This is the official Bunnell/Bonnell contact with many related sources too.

Olive Tree Genealogy - Lorine McGinnis Schulze - Lots of Loyalist pages and hard work.

The On-Line Institute For Advanced Loyalist Studies - Nan Cole & Todd Braisted - This is probable the best loyalist sites on the net. Great work and listings.

The Falmouth Genealogy Society, Falmouth (Cape Cod), Massachusetts - Great society for that area and where I got my start around 1981 and later became their newsletter editor and board member. Thank You.

Willow Bend Books/Heritage Books, Inc., 65E Main St., Westminster, Md. 21157-5026, 1-800-876-6103 or email at or see their website or the Heritage Books site at,

Black Loyalists: Our History, Our People. Nice site devoted to our black loyalists by Tony Pace, Darren Jacklin, Jason Buchanan, Misty Cromwell.

New Brunswick Genealogical Society. This society is very big with many branches throughout New Brunswick, Canada. The genealogy magazine, "Generations" is one of the best in North America. Always packed full of genealogy and related articles. Check out their site.

Acadian Genealogy Exchange. By Janet B. Jehn. Her email is, An excellent site for French/Cajun genealogy. Janet's newsletter is great and her publications are the highest quality in content. You can visit her site at:

Tory Trail - Colonial Loyalist Alliance of Massachusetts,                                                   Website: This organization promotes the preservation and knowledge of loyalist homes and related sites in Massachusetts. Tours are given to many as an attempt is made to educate others about the views and difficult positions the loyalists were placed in. Here are the latest listing of Loyalist Homes who are part of this fine alliance. Usual tour charge is approx. $5.

1. Golden Ball Tavern (1768), 662 Boston Post Rd., Weston, Ma. 02493. Isaac Jones was labelled "damned Tory" whose house was raided by Patriot rebels dressed in "painted visages." His cousin, Isaiah Jones was also a very well known loyalist who lived nearby. Open to the public. Call 781-894-1751 to arrange a tour. Website is:

2. Count Rumford House (1714), 11 Lowell St., Woburn, Ma. 01801. Benjamin Thompson, once a Patriot turned Loyalist. Open to public. Call 781-933-0781 for hours of operation.

3. Isaac Royall House (c. 1640-1737), 15 George St., Medford, Ma. 02155. Isaac Royall was supposed caught up by the Revolution and ended up fleeing. This fine home has a slave quaters, something very unique for the Northern U.S. area. Open to the public. Call 781-396-9032 for hours of operation.

4. Hooper-Lee-Nichols House (1685), Cambridge Historical Society (, 159 Brattle St., Cambridge, Ma. 02138. Judge Joseph Lee "a good subject to his King." Open to the public. Call 617-547-4252 for hours of operation.

5. Shirley-Eustis House (1747), 33 Shirley St., Roxbury, Ma. 02119. When William Shirley died in 1771, a day of mourning was declared in Boston. Open to the public. Call 617-442-2275 for hours of operation. Website is:

6. Loring-Greenough House (1760), 12 South St., Jamaica Plain, Ma. 02130. Joshua Loring fled to the protection of the King's troops in Boston. Open to the public. Call 617-524-3158 for hours of operation. Website is:

7. Isaac Winslow House (c. 1699), 644 Careswell St., Marshfield, Ma. 02050. John Winslow's family became a very well known Loyalist family in New Brunswick, Canada. Open to the public. Call 781-837-5753 for hours of operation. Website is:

 Castle Island, Fort Independence, Castle Island Association, P.O. Box 342, South Boston, Ma. 02127 (Website and contact to follow). In 1634, Gov. Dudley of Massachusetts Bay Colony selected this site for the defense of Boston. But for the purpose of this website, we devote its history to the British/Loyalist events. In the 1700's it was known as "Castle William"  named after William III of Organge, King of England. Armed with 72 cannons and in 1776, the British, evacuated the Loyalist and British subjects, mostly to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Admission is free and tours are conducted. What a view of the Boston Harbor! 

 Leeds and Grenville Genealogical Society is a very active genealogical society that supports my work and helps so many others in the Ontario Province in search for family records and preserving their heritage. The above website is very informative. Please check it out.

Broken Links on Ancestornews, is owned by its author, Nancy Henderickson, helping to link various sources of genealogy interests for all. Website address is:  Be sure to check this site out and any questions can be addressed to Nancy at email: Thanks for your support and hard work Nancy.


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Abenaki Tribal and Community Websites

Traditional Abenaki of Mazipskwik and Related Bands:
    The Mazipskwik Abenakis of Vermont.

Cowasuck Band of Pennacook-Abenakis:
    Massachusetts Abenaki tribe.

Abenakis Museum:
    The museum at Odanak (page in French).

    Maine organization promoting Abenaki culture.