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Evacuees From Boston List, March 1776

Nearly 300 refugee American colonist who supported the British just after the start of the American Revolution had to flee Boston, Massachusetts. These very brave people were labelled "Loyalist" or "Tories" by the rebel "Patriots." With the help of the British command and the protection from Fort William (Later renamed Fort Independence) at Castle Island in the Boston Harbor, these people took flight on British vessels for Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. First, and still is included in my upcoming New Loyalist Index, Vol. 4 I was compelled to print this list separately for the 19 June 2004 "Loyalist Days" event put on by "Tory Trail" and the 7 loyalist homes located throughout the Boston area they represent; The Golden Ball Tavern, Weston, Ma.; Count Rumford House, Woburn, Ma.; Isaac Royall House, Medford, Ma.; Hooper-Lee-Nichols House, Cambridge, Ma.; Shirley-Eustis House, Roxbury, Ma.; Loring-Greenough House, Jamaica Plain, Ma.; and the Isaac Winslow House, Marshfield, Massachusetts. Hopefully, this material will help contribute to the growing list of loyalist and educate many of the little known history of the birth of the United States. Compiled by this author, printed by Whittier Press, Amesbury, Ma. 61 pages. Prurchase from the author for $17 plus $4 S/H (USA) plus $1.50 additional item. International add $10.00. We accept PayPal, , and U.S. and Canadian check, money orders. See order go to this page