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The Violette Family Association Reunion

In Partnership with the Acadian Congress August 2014

As we collect information and more details, it will be added here, but we really need you Violette's to start marking your calendar. Please take note that your surname does not have to be Violette to be a part of this fine organiztion. If you know you have "Violette Roots" and that your genealogy goes back to the founder (or need help to find out), Francois Violette/Violet who was born in 1744, that's all you need. All family members are welcome to attend.

 Check out the official Violette Family Association Website at:

 This membership is FREE, not like other Associations/Societies, but we do look for support in the form of donations, participation (If you can), Reunion Raffel donations, and hopefully, your presence at each one of our reunions that are held every 3 years. If you know of any Violette descendants, please let them know of our sites and interests in their membership. .

One added website is by Yvon Cyr who does a wonderful job on our Acadian history and heritage. Our genealogist, Rod Violette submitted this great historical timeline of our Violette family.

                               Violette Family Association

We Are One


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Have Fun. Meet Family. Party at Reunions. Learn About Your Family Genealogy and History.

10 Reasons to Join Us


  1. Meet other Violette Family Cousins that descend back to Francois Violette/Violet.
  2. Find out and understand your French Canadian genealogy and origins.
  3. Enjoy a Violette Family Reunion every 3 years in a chosen location in the North Eastern States or Maritime Canada.
  4. You can wear Purple or Violet and not get laughed at.
  5. Learn about our Acadian foods
  6. Find out about your Canadian French Heritage, Traditions and customs.
  7. Share our Association with over 1000 other members.
  8. Read about our events in our Association Newsletter.
  9. Know that “WE ARE ONE” together.
  10. And lastly, “It’s Free.” 

Our Ancestor

 Francois Violette        (Son of Charles Violette & Marie David)

Born 16 Oct. 1744, St. Vivien/Saintes, France

Came To Acadie: 29 June 1749 on ship, L’Intrepide to   Louisburg (Cape Breton), Canada

Died: 10 April 1824, St. Basile, Madawaska, New Brunswick.

Buried: c. 12 April 1824, St. Basile, Madawaska, New Brunswick.

Settled at: Louisburg NS; Kennebecasis River NB; Saint Leonard, NB; Violette Brook (Van Buren Maine); Madawaska New Brunswick, Canada

Marriages: Marie Luce Thibodeau (15 children); Marie Rose Cormier 5 children); Genevieve Tardif (3 children)


Membership Application






Family Members:_______________

Who is the Violette in your family?

Do you have any family genealogy?

Donations: $5   $10  $20  $30  $50  Other_______


When making a donation, make Checks out to Violette Family Association or send your Free Application to:


Mail To: Rod Violette

   1775 Barn Valley Lane,

    Lincoln, CA 95648


Check out our Website:

Paul J. Bunnell, UE       -Past  President 2005-2011

Rita Lippe        Founder/Genealogist      Honorary Life President.


We ask everyone to encourage our younger family members to join and take part in our association and learn about their heritage and family history.


“We Are One”


Past Reunions


16 July 1978 – Methuen, Massachusetts

August 1979 – Augusta, Maine

August 1981 – Van Buren, Maine

August 1984 – Windsor, Connecticut

August 1987 – Portland, Maine

August 1990 – Grand Falls, Maine

August 1993 – Lewiston, Maine

July 1996 – Gorham, New Hampshire

July 1999 – Westford, Massachusetts

August 2002 – Edmundston, New

                        Brunswick, Canada

July 2005 – Gorham, New Hampshire

August 2008 – Winsor Locks, Connecticut

6 August 2011 - Van Buren, Maine

August 2014 - Van Buren, Maine


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Great page on Francois Violet's life, by our website member, David Violette.