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Revolutionary Voices: A Last Muster Film


Co-authored by Maureen Taylor and Verissima Productions

I am a backer of the kickstarter campaign to assure this very vaulable projects gets off the ground. I have known Maureen Taylor for many years and her collection of over 200 photos of Revolutionary War character comes from her two volume book set, "Last Muster" published by Kent State University Press.  This movie is going to be like no other as Maureen will bring her Revolutionary War period photo people to life with conversations all based on documents on their life. I am honored to be part of this historical biography. 

 "Revolutionary Voices": A Last Muster Film 



 History Detectives


In 2006 - I assisted this production in a research project on a Canadian Loyalists. I furshed them with a report on all the genealogy records on this Loyalist family.



Who Do You Think You Are


Aug. 2007 – TV Show “Who Do You Think You Are” Canadian Production. I assisted them on Loyalist research for thier series



Voices to Visions. 


April 2011 - Voices to Visions is a Paranormal that reports verbally and by newsletter stories and reports of strange happenings. I was asked to present two of my strange encounters; The Ghost of my Loyalist ancestor, Benjamin Bunnell, and the photo proving his presence to me that was added to my first book, Thunder Over New England, Benjamin Bonnell, The Loyalist. I also was asked to present my strange story of the ghosts of the Barnstable House back in 1985 that brought on the creation of my book:  Life of A Haunted House, The Barnstable House of Barnstable, Mass., Pub. Heritage/Willow Bend, 2004.


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Jane E. Wilcox
Owner, Forget-Me-Not Ancestry

New York Radio Program Devoted to Genealogy
Member, Association of Professional Genealogists

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  • Tell us about yourself--where you grew up, your background
  • How did you get interested in genealogy?
  • How did you get interested in the American Loyalists?
  • What populations were more inclined to be Loyalists during the War? (NYC, other colonies)
  • In what ways did they support the king? (money, soldiers, oaths, etc.)
  • How did your ancestor(s) support the king?
  • Do you have revolutionary ancestors as well?
  • What was happening in NYC, Long Island and along the Hudson River during the war--British troop occupation, mustering Loyalist troops, Andre and Arnold, Battle of Brooklyn, West Point chain, burning Kingston, Saratoga battle, Lake Champlain, etc.
  • What happened to the Loyalists after the war---Ontario, England, confiscation of lands, Commission of Forfeiture
  • What types of records are available for people to find their NY Loyalist ancestors?
  • Tell us about your books on the Loyalists -- and how to get a copy
  • Besides Loyalist, what other ancestry do you have?--Abenaki, etc.
  • What have you learned about yourself as you learn about who your ancestors were?

Thanks., Jane

Air date is 9 PM 18 May 2011