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Looking For Movie Producers, For an American Loyalist Story: "Thunder Over New England." Discussion and outline of this loyalist story that has much potential of becoming a hit; telling the untold side of the American Revolution. The American's who sided with the British, and lost everything. Interested parties in this teleconference will hear about the adventures of the main character in New Jersey as a young boy, then a Quaker farmer, later caught up in a British counterfeiting ring, fleeing to New York City as a Loyalist refugee with his wife and children, recruiting under the leadership of the now Loyalist Brig. General Benedict Arnold, attacking New London and Fort Griswold, Connecticut and getting sucked into a controversial battle that wiped out many unarmed Patriot rebels after they surrendered, and burning New London to the ground; returning to New York only to join the "Great Exodus" of 1783, evacuating that city fleeing once again as refugees at the end of that war for struggling tent city of Saint John, (New Brunswick) Nova Scotia; starting a new life in a very hostile country filled with Indians, thieves, and crocked politicians; receiving a land grant from King George III for his service; building a simple house in an impoverished environment; Expanding his family; living with the pain of the past as he goes into final seclusion at a new home on Devil's Back Mountain; And finally, as a lone seagull flies up the Saint John River on the final day of his life on 17 Feb. 1828, an old loyalist passes into history; only to resurface again in 1985 as a curious spirit to his 6th. great-grandson. Truly, an inspirational story, and the makings of a great movie. This teleconference hopefully will reach out to the interested producers that can make this true historical event come to the silver screen.

Move Over "The Patriot." Here comes "The Loyalist."

Only seriousely interested parties are welcome to contact me at  Bunnellloyalist@aol.com  Canadian, English, Austrialian and USA Producers needed.

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7 May 2006 - I realize you are looking for an Integrity minded heart felt producer and so am I? Read the Human Heart section on this site of www.mit-aa.com I think you will enjoy it. Actually if you were to go or get onto ANY seach engine and type the most searched after words world wide (Integrity Thinking), you will find my site www.mit-aa.com at the top or close to it, on the very first page with millions of hits. Lastly, I do think that (Thunder Over New England), would make a great Factual-Historic Inspirational movie and I for one, would love to see it.
Sincerely, Don L. Johnson