Koasek Activities & CHIEF'S ELECTION MAY 2013














Koasek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation
Chief’s Election Results
Attention All Koasek Members!
Congradulations to Chief's Paul Bunnell & Nathan Pero
on being elected for another 7 years.
Celebration Party will be at Chief Nathan and Sherryl Pero's home on 23 June 2013
Besides a traditional Pot Luck Lunch and Chief Nathan's famous BBQ's we will have 3 naming ceremonies and games, meetings, a fun times with family and friends. This event is the start of a new era for the Koasek.







                                  October’s Council Meeting & Drum Making Class - A Fun Time

 Above are all our first Drum making students who graduated including myself (Paul).

Our council meeting and pot luck lunch turned out a great success with many turning out.


Chief Brian covered old and new business including the new Vermont Native American Commission for recognition, status on our 501c3 Tax paperwork and application progress, the upcoming West Fairlee, Vermont 250th Anniversary festivities  next year (3,4,5th July 2010) where we will have our displays, programs and vendors, and our upcoming Snow Snake Games this coming February at Nathan Pero’s place.


After a great pot luck lunch, we went right into a nearly 3 hour drum making class produced by Rick Pouliot and his wife. An added benefit to our gathering was the expert language teacher, Ely and Jessie who taught us all the words around building our drums. This fun activity was enhanced by conducting the lesion in song.


Jesse Bruchac checking out the drum frame


Everyone was truly surprised to see our end results with beautiful Native American Elk hide personally

Hand-made drums by everyone. I know I treasure mine very much.


First half of Drum Class


Second half of drum class


And the final high point of the day was the “Awake” ceremony for the large tribal drum that was presented to Nathan Pero by a close friend of his, made by (Lakota Tribe, Plains People) Red Willow of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. Ely conducted the blessing with Bernie, Brian, Nathan and Jessie who played the greeting song by beating the drum for the first time. It was a very moving moment.




Eli JoubertBlessing the Drum with Nathan.

Jesse Bruchac’s Abenaki language website is: http://westernabenaki.com/


Eli Joubert’s Abenaki language website is: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~abenaki/Wobanaki/


Rick Pouliot’s, Gedakina, First Nation’s Educational website: http://www.gedakina.org/


Our Next Snow Snake Games & Council Meeting


Our next council meeting will be on Saturday, 19 Feb. 2011 at 11 AM (26th. Feb. make up day) at Council Member, Nathan Pero’s home in West Fairlee, Vermont. (Directions to follow or upon request). All Koasek Tribal citizens are welcome.


Following our meeting and after our pot luck lunch our annual “Snow Snake Games” will begin after noon. All welcome and start working on your snow snake today and show everyone the beauty and speed of your traditional artistic talents.










(c) photo - the property of Paul Bunnell. Must obtain permission to use.

VERY FIRST  Koasek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation
  SNOW SNAKE GAME  - 17 February 2007


This event was the very first Snow Snake Games held in several hundred years. The Idea was created by Chief Brian Chenevert. This historical photo was taken by member, Paul Bunnell who is proud to have 4 of his grandchildren in the front row; Timmy Conn, Hannah, Amanda and Rebecca Bunnell. Other tribal members that I recal is Chief Brian Chenevert, his daughter, Mikayla. Our nation is very proud of this very first modern day event. We all had a freezing and fun time while many of our younger citizens learned more about our culture and heritage.


A Great Site for the History of the Snow Snake Games





Koasek (Cowasuck) Traditional Band Council

Of The Sovereign Abenaki Nation


I am a proud member of this Abenaki Band who has minority status by the state of Vermont this year (2006). Please take the time out to visit our website at: http://koasek-abenaki.com 


I will be posting articles of interest here as I develope this page.