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This site is a great teaching tool of where our Native American heritage is, was and where it is going. Enjoy: http://www.fourdirectionsteachings.com/main.html


ABENAKI LANGUAGE PRESERVATION: Check out a great Abenaki language website: http://www.abenakilanguage.org/Index.html


Here my Co-Chief Nathan Pero give a talk on our Tribe and culture.

Music Credits
Jim Bruchac, Greeting Song, Northeastern Native American Animal Stories
Good Mind Records
Waban, Moose Call, Clan of The Hawk

Chief Nathan Pero, of the Koasek Traditional Tribe of The Sovereign Abenaki Nation visited with Moccasin Tracks for this Live broadcast at Goddard College Community Radio, WGDR August 29, 2013.
Chief Pero gifted our listeners with stories of personal traditional teachings and experiences. He makes traditional hunting bows and arrows and has often visited local schools to share his family and tribal heritage. The Tribe is hoping to offer summer camp sessions next year on land that the Tribe will remain stewards of.

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