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Sept. 2014 Issue


K.W.A.I Camp

Wild Edible & Medicinal



Last of the Code Talkers

   Passes Over

Abenaki Artifacts Return

♦ Labor Day Parade –

   Post Mills, Vermont

Biography of One of Our

   Patriotic Long Serving


Metis Navajo Kindergartner

   Sent Home from School for

   Long Hair

Justice for the River

♦ Protecting the Ash Tree

Great Accomplishments for


Our Sacred Bald Eagle

The Abenaki in the

   Connecticut River

Cultural Sites

Clan of the Hawk Gathering

Chief Nat Pero keeps busy !


June 2014 Issue


TenIndian Commandments

Ben & Jerry’s Grant

K. W. A. I. Camp

Easy Abenaki Rider : Dan Osgood Sr

In the News : Clan of the Hawk

Koasek Council Member Steps forward

Wise Cherokee Proverb

News Flash! Cultural Bonanza !

Koasek Elder Dan Osgood Sr Comes

   to  Natures Rescue

KoasekTribal Chief:  75 years ago

Co-Chief Nathan Pero’s Day in School

Drum/Song Class a Big Success

Recognition Status Update

Best Places for Native America Culture

Rutland Bigfoot?

Vermont Endangered Species

Special Thanks to All Our Donors

Our Next Council Meeting

Summer Moon Pow-Wow

Great Chief of the Abenaki Nation:

   Chief  Grey Lock

Abenaki Heritage Day Aug. 9, 2014

Various Designs of Abenaki  Homes


March 2014 Issue


Snowy Owls in Vermont

Native History: Scalping of

  10 Abenaki  Celebrated. Where did

  it Begin ?

A History of the New Hampshire


Koasek Recognition Submitted

Wise Word to live by

Get Well Wishes !

Clan of the Hawk Gathering 2014

The Western Abenaki : History &

  Culture July 2014 Fairlee Public


Rep. Ann Kuster response to

  Buffalo issue

How to make a Dream Catcher

Abenaki Heritage Weekend

  June 2014

7th Annual Snow Snake Games &

  Annual  Council Meeting

Kwai Day Camp Progress Report

Greed is Destroying our Plannet

Traditional Ojibwe Maple Syrup

  Making - 1934

Abenaki Phrases to Learn By

Photos of some of our Ancestors


Dec 2013 Issue


Walaswaldam gwesiha nisPilki

   Grateful honor, 2 New Lands

A Great Warrior Passes Over

Clan of the Hawk Brunswick Abenaki

   Springs Trip

First Native American Astronaut Honored

   at First American Indigenous Research


Kind Members Who Donated

Yale conference focuses on enslavement

   of Native Americans

Kwai Kwai Summer Camp August 2014

Horseradish Time Again

Freedom and Unity: The Vermont Movie

Oral History Lives

Massachusetts Center for Native American

   Awareness, Inc.

My Amerindian Ancestry

Catherine Pillard, the saga continues


Sept. 2013 Issue


♦ Digging into the past in Swanton

1677 King of England Recognizes Tribes

    when USA Still Says NO!

Brunswick Springs, Vermont Mystery

Chief Nathan Pero to the Rescue

Digging into Native History in NH

Gray Wolf Clan Gathering

Clan of the Hawk Gathering of Nations

Bear Clan Gathering in St. Albans Bay

A Good Friend of the Koasek Passes

Chief Nathan Pero Goes on the Air

Abenaki Heritage Day – 10 Aug. 2013

Tierney Family atMCNAA Pow-Wow


♦ TheKoasek Facebook Page


June 2013 Issue


Koasek Tribal Election Results

♦ Chief Nathan Pero’s Oath and Naming


♦ Another naming ceremony #2

♦ Another naming ceremony #3

♦ Introducing Our Loyal & Respected Tribal


♦ Boston Marathon Touches Our People

♦ Chief Lone Cloud’s New Book &   

   Invitation to their Gathering

♦ A Special Day for A Special Member

♦ Chief Nathan Pero Teaching the Children

   our Abenaki Ways

♦ Cherokee of Georgia Visit

♦ Our Website

♦ Sad News

♦ Advocates say Incremental Progress on

♦ Taser use isn’t Enough

♦ Koasek Parade Float

♦ Abenaki Heritage Day

♦ Vermont Recognition Part II

♦ Our Grants Committee


March 2013 Issue

  • Editors Comments
  • Correction & Apology
  • Snow Snake Games Cancelled
  • Koasek New Meeting Location
  • Koasek Council Meeting 16 March 2013
  • Regalia Seminar 15, 16, 17 March 2013
  • Idle No More
  • Update on “Idle No More”
  • Protection Our Buffalo
  • A Short Introduction to Wabanaki Beadwork
  • Third Annual Welcome Abenaki Day
  • The Last Abenaqui Chief at Bellows Falls, VT 



Dec 2012 Issue

  • Editor’s Comments                                             
  • A Warning from a Great Chief
  • Recognition Update
  • Clan of the Hawk Retirement
  • Special Mass for Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
  • Excellent Site for Our Young Natives
  • Passing of a Great Chief & Friend
  • General Information from Pat Nelson-Johnson   – Vermont Minority Health Dept.
  • The Refuge Madawaska Shelter
  • Donald F. Newell Passes Over
  • November was Native
  • American Heritage Month
  • Koasek Teachings #1
  • Koasek Teachings #2
  • One of our Elders Joins Chief Theresa Spence in Hunger Strike
  • Word of Thanks
  • Reminder – Regalia Seminar

      Chiefs Election Committee Formed 


Oct. 2012 Issue

Editor’s Comments

Gray Wolf Clan Pow Wow

American Museum Opening in Barre

Koasek Recognized by Vermont Dept. of Health

Sunrise Ceremony Marks National Aboriginal Day

Special Thanks

Tragedy Hits our Council

More Tribal Tragedy Strikes Us

Outline of A Good Man – Part Designer of Our Tribal Logo – Macadam Mason

Daniel P. Carr– A Good Man Passes

More Recognition for Our Council and Tribal Members.

Bringing Our Long Distance Members Together with Cultural Knowledge

We’ve Got Talent

A Sacred White Buffalo was born in Connecticut

Historical Note

ABENAKI DAY IN Hartford, Vermont 6 Aug. 2012

Vermont Abenaki Federal Recognition?

Our Next Council Meeting October 2012

You Are Not too Far Away 


Dec 2011 Issue


In This Issue

♦Annual Snow Snake Games & next

   Tribal Council Meeting

♦Our Recognition Update

♦Clan of the Hawk Helps Needy

♦ Flag Symbol Meanings

Story of the Pine Song

The Story of the Drum

♦Proud Grandfather

♦Save An Animal’s Life – Crush a Cup

Traditional Ecological Knowledge


Historic Wampum Belt

Stolen and Lost Treasure of St. Francis

Your Prayers Are Needed

Native Heritage Month Opening Festival

Tribal Member and Ambassador, Francine

   Poitras Jones …

The True Source of Our Thanksgiving

♦Doucet family out of Acadia

♦Christmas comes early at Amerindian

   Ancestry out of Acadia 


In This Issue  - June 2011


♦Editor’s Comments

♦General Council Meeting Summary

♦Message from Chief Nathan Pero

♦Caleb Masland runs with Pride

One of the First 29 Navajo Code Talkers

  dies at 88

Save The Buffalo

Ticks Taking Toll on Moose

Vermont Tribal Recognition

NEWSFLASH – Governor Signs Bills

Osgood  proud of his grandson Zac

♦The Captain Joseph Brant Monument

  Brantford, Ontario

Native Friend to Colonists Recalled

Flooding Scare

Abenaki Day

Clan of the Hawk Weekend

♦Tribal Council Election – September 2011

♦Fulfilling an ancient Prophecy

♦Election Reminder

♦Get Well Wishes

♦Tribal Projects 


In This Issue - March 2011

♦Editor’s Column

♦Wounded Knee Murder of Mi’kmaq

♦Gould appointed to NH Indian Commission

Custer's last flag lands $1.9M for DIA's MCNAA Recognizes New Coin

Book  Review

2011 List of Pow-Wows, Socials, etc…

♦NH-VT Abenaki Basket makers Alliance

Update on Vermont State Recognition…

♦Plymouth State hosts first veterans powwow

♦Snow Snake 2011... An Abenaki Gathering…

Native Made Drum Raffle & Pow Wow

♦3rdAnnual Abenaki Snow Snake Games…

Métis of Maine

Interested in Native American DNA?

250th. Anniversary of colonial Grants in

   Connecticut River Valley

What is Vermont Recognition?

Please Give 


December 2010

♦ Editor’s Comments

♦ Saving corn, one seed at a time…

♦ Congress toughens anti-fraud Indian-crafts  law

Gray Wolf Clan Pow-Wow

New Vt law, commission give hope for

   Abenaki tribal recognition that could boost

   craft sales

Abenaki Tribe: Nulhegan Memphremagog

   makes history

♦ Abenaki Encounters “Champs”, the Lake

   Champlain creature

Mystery written in rocks of Bellows Falls,


The new Vermont Commission

The passing of of our Citizen and friend

Health alert

July 2, 3, 4, 2011 West Fairlee, VT

October’s Council Meeting & Drum making


Our next Snow Snake games and Council


Book now available on CD

Language keepers, language exchange

Vermont Indian Heritage month

Get involved

Mystery hunter…

Koasek gift has been hung…

Canadian government changes their


Native American Citizenship Granted

   Indian Citizenship Act of 1924

Teacher, Jerry Kelly Passes

♦ Abenaki Commission Looks at Tribal

   Recognition, Sets “Broad, Ambitious”



 Sept. 2010

In This Issue

♦ Editor’s Comments

♦ 2010 Annual Meeting

♦ Essence of the dream-catcher

Support the Buffalo

The Shinnecock gets Recognition

Third Annual Spiritual Gathering

 – Clan of the Hawk, Part 1  

 – Clan of the Hawk Pow Wow – Part 2

Vermont Native American Recognition


Do Not Give Up the Fort

Woodbury man raises food the Abenaki way

Koasek Nation represented at 4th of July


Vermont locations of Abenaki interests

An Incredible Scalp Story

Abenaki Weather Sticks

First Gathering of the Mi’kmaq-Acadian

   (Métis) People of Louisiana

Laughing Couple & Chief Peter Newell

  & Pat Lilly at Pow Pow

The NH Bill is signed into Law

Local NH Native Americans prepare for

   Pow Wow



June 2010 Issue


In This Issue
• Our Language Lives on
• The Abenaque Tractors
• Pow-Wows
Welcome to the Medicine Lodge
• Attention Veterans !
• What is life?
• An evening with Jesse Bruchac
• Wilma Mankiller passed away
• 17th Abenaki Heritage Celebration
• Fort at Number Four in New Hampshire
• Governor Douglas signs Indian
   Recognition Bill into law
• New Hampshire; Final vote on HB 1610
• VCNAA Chair Charles Delaney-Megeso
Gubernatorial candidate Dennis Steele to cut ribbon at opening of the Abenaki library
• Abenaki Language Classes
• Tribal Council Meeting & Social
• Application to the Vermont Commission
 On Native American Affairs
• World Peace Day 21 June 2010
• Abenaki Language Camp & More
• Dan Osgood has a backyard visitor…



March 2010



In This Issue
• Editors Comments
• Chief’s column
• 2nd Annual Snow Snake Games
• NH Bill Takes Giant Leap
• Egyptian Influence on the Micmac?
• The Terrible Sweat Lodge Experience
• The Sky Road – A Mount Washington
  Abenaki Story
• Request Your Copy sent via E-mail
• The Original Nashuans
• Sad News
• A Very Special Encounter
• Vermont Bill Important
• First Native American Bishop Dies
• Resolution expressing regret for the
 sterilization of Vermonters
• DNA Research is real
• VCNAA Commissioner Barratt Displays
• Article News from Sherry Gould
Sharing the North East Culture
• Editor’s Comments on VT & NH Bills
. A Big Thank You
. A Reminder



Dec. 2009

In This Issue

 Editor Comments

Abenaki share stories at Oxbow DAR in Newbury
Abenaki welcome equinox
"Honoring Inspiring Native Elders: Jeanne Brink"
Our Language
Support & Donations
The Language Education Continues
Chief Brian Chenevert Bestowed Great Honor
Our Annual Tribal Meeting
Métis Veterans Honored at Juno Beach
Speaking Out On Our Origins
We Are Proud of Our Citizens
NH Bill to Create a NA Affairs Commission
Recognition by the Native Nation Antaya
Stand Up and Be Counted
Be Counted Again
Snow Snake Games/Council Meeting
Kwai Kwai, welcome to the medicine lodge. 



Sept. 2009 Issue

Our Language LivesSad News

Troubles Continue
Our World is Never Boring!
Rare Wampum Belts Returns to USA for A Visit
Get Well Wishes
Council Member Nathan Pero is A Star
"The Vermont Abenaki Myth".
U.S. Medal of Freedom Award
Our Native Indian Corn Ready To Appear
Check out this Excellent Abenaki Language Site
Our Annual Tribal Council Meeting


July 2009 Issue

 ♦ Editors Comments

♦ Eastern Reaches of the Abenaki
♦ 2010 U.S. Census Information
♦ Keep the Language Alive
♦ We Shall Remain
♦ Our Language Lives
♦ Our Customs, Tales & History
♦ The Wabanaki in Acadia
♦ Special Service for Sub-Chief, Leo “Wiseowl” Descoteaux
♦ Council Meeting 17 May 2009
♦ Our Abenaki Corn
♦ Volunteer Today
♦ Annual Council Meeting

 In March 2009 Issue 

 Note: My appreciation and gratitute goes out to Suzette Leclerc for her edition and design help.

• Editors Column
• Our New Address
• Council Meeting
• Pennsylvania Tribe Survives Extinction
• Canada Apologizes
• Abenaki Museum
• CD of "Molly of the Mohawks" Available
• U.S. Dollar Coin – Native American
• First Encounter Accounts
• Helping Hands By Our Citizens
• Query From A Kind Donor
Passamaquoddy-Maliseet dictionary holds
 Algonquin culture
• Links of interest
• National Museum of the American Indian
• The Miracles of the Dandelion
• Support our National Bison (Buffalo)
• Descendant Sues Skull and Bones Society
 over Geronimo's Bones
• In search of the truth…Who is Catherine
 Pillard ?
• We Need Committee Volunteers
• White Pine Association Notice
• We have a winner of the 2009 Snow Snake


 In Dec. 2008 Issue

Note: My appreciation and gratitute goes out to Suzette Leclerc for her edition and design help


Editors Column

Great Words From A Great Warrior

Sachem/Chief’s Column

Results of Our Election

Koasek Pow Wow Update

El Nu News

Abenaki Stories

Treasure Hunters Still Ascend

Mark Mitchell of VCNAA Resigns

Passing of A Wonderful Mother

Saving Mother Earth

Indian Slaves!

Helping Special People

Vermont Healthcare

Proof of Our Early Presence in Vermont

Video on Our Tribal Band

Check Out Our Latest Website Update

Circle of Many Paths

Words of Wisdom

Sad Passing

Vermont Abenaki Ghost

Did You Know?

Graduate Fellowships for NA

Interesting Book

Visit our Relatives Website

Can You Believe This


In Sept 2008 Issue

Elnu Tribe of the Abenaki
V.A. Benefits
Canada Apologizes
Abenaki Museum
Accomplishments of Our Band
Passing of a Chief
Another Passing
Abenaki Leaders
New Mexico Is First State To Educate Native American Language
Basket Maker Shares Traditional Native American Skills
Did Abenakis Cause Ghosts In Pentucket Burial Ground?
MCNNA Intertribal Pow-Wow Returns to Haverhill, Mass.
Odanak Territory
Abenaki Leaders Revive Language
Abenaki Corn Harvest    


In June 2008 Issue

Editors Column

Sachem Chief’s Column

Koasek (Pow Wow)

Elnu Tribe of the Abenaki

Life Changes

Vermont Bill Protest Hosted By Ndakinna Cultural Center

Great Honor Awarded

Great Website News

Abenaki Poem

A Very Special Farewell

Abenaki Language Materials

Life Changes #2

Native American Arts Award

New museum celebrating Abenaki Indian culture aims to reclaim heritage

Obama Supports American Indian Interests


 In December 2007 Issue 

Editors Column

Sachem Chief’s Column


Abenaki Stories

Boston Globe Wampanoag Article

Changes in Wampanoag Leadership

Our Abenaki Vermont Link

Proof of Abenaki Settlement

Hendricks, New Wampanoag Chairman

Unknown Prayer

Lords Prayer

Unbelievable Find In Own Backyard

MCNAA 19th. Haverhill Ma. Pow Wow

Abenaki Words

Life Changes #1

Abenaki Thanksgiving Prayer

NIKE N7 Native American Shoe

Vt. IAC Working Draft 091207 Bill

Life Changes #2

Arts Recognition Another Try?

Language Lession - Colors/Numbers

Our New Citizen’s Have Success!

New Indian Museum

Sad News


In September 2007 Issue


Editors Column

Sachem Chief’s Column

Koasek Pow Wow

“Native American Cultural Week

And Pow Wow” Update

Gluskonba Makes the People

Abenaki Beings of the Ancient Age

Sacred Council Fires (Elders)

Training Program

It’s Official For Mashpee Wampanoag’s

Historical Marker: Newbury, VT.

Sad News For Abenaki

Response To Our Lack of Federal Recognition

Land Returned To The Nipmucs

Great Native American Research Tool

Elder's Meditation of the Day - July 3

Abenaki-Penobscot Language – Animals

The Strange Origin of Corn

Continued Recognition Struggle

Invitation To Snow Snake Games

Sounds Like Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico “ Is Our Man”

Archeological Workshop On Vermont

Recommended Good Reading

Our Language Lesson

Great News!

The Corn Is Being Harvested. 


Prez On The Rez First Debate Held

Turmoil in Native American Communities



  In This Issue - March 2007


Editors Column

Chief’s Column

KOASEK - Pow Wow

Abenaki Stories

White Buffalo Born

A Royal Tribute

Save The Buffalo

Life Changes

Chief Joseph Brant

Vermont Recognition Case

Wampanoag Recognition

Trouble with Metis Band

Abenaki Word Search Puzzle

Special Tuition Offer

Nation Update & Accomplishments


In This Issue - Dec. 2006


Editor Column

Chief’s Column

Koasek Pow Wow Update

Abenaki Links

Song & Dance

Good Book Reading

November Pow-Wow Results

Skier Recognized

A Short Creation Story

Our List of Accomplishments

Abenaki Word Search

Vermont Abenaki Heritage Endures

Life Events & Changes

Pow-wow Social Report

Western Abenaki Grammar