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By Norma Jane Langford

Published 2007

Quincy, Massachusetts

Norma Jane Langford is a freelance writer with a special interest in history.  She is an active member of the Colonial Loyalist Alliance of Massachusetts. While helping to create a Tory Trail map linking Loyalist house museums there, she became fascinated by the trials of those "other" Americans before and during the siege of Boston---or the Blockade, depending on whose side you are on---and the drama of their flight, their reception in Halifax, and their struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives and start over.

The names she has tracked include: Allen, Alpin, Bayley, Boardwood, Broderick, Burton, Byles, Chandler, Chipman, Deblois, Dickinson, Dumaresq, Etter, Faneuil, Flucker, Foster, Full, Gage, Gay, Geyer, Gilbert, Green, Griffith, Hancock, Hill, Holmes, Hooper-Lee-Nichols, Howe, Hubbard, Hutchinson, Jarvis, Jay, Johnson, Knox, Lechmere, Leonard, Lewis, Logan, Lovell, Mackinstrey, Marston, Oliver, Paxton, Pelham, Percy, Phipps, Putnam, Richards, Rogers, Rose, Ruggles-Fayerweather, Stow, Sutherland, Thomas, Vassall, Washington.

This publication is an excellent outline of many Massachusetts Loyalists and their selected struggles that changed their lives forever. Norma Jane's professional writing skills are displayed in presenting each family's encounters, confiscations, trials and banishments.