Loyalist Index Vol. 4, 5, 7

The New Loyalist Index, Vol. 4


Including Massachusetts Loyalists, Free African Slaves, and Other Loyalists


There is a large amount of Black Loyalists in this latest issue, plus many other Loyalists, including those from Massachusetts and other areas. This volume is slightly different, being spiral bound soft cover to help keep the cost affordable. Order your copy today. Approximately 180 pages, Pub. 2005, $20 (US) plus $4 S/H and $1.50 for each additional item. We accept PayPal,  and U.S. and Canadian Check, money Order.

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SOUTHERN LOYALIST’S, Including Irish & Scottish, & Bahamas Loyalists & Other Territories
The North American Colonies were settled and influenced by six groups: (a.) The Spanish, in the St. Augustine and Florida region; (b.) Great Britain including the Irish and Scottish settlers in the Virginia and southern region; (c.) The Dutch and German’s in the New York to Pennsylvania region; (d.) Great Britain in the Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay region; (e.) France in the Acadie/Quebec Region; (f.) and finally the Native First Nation Tribes of all regions. The sub-groups in these areas were: The Catholic; Protestant; Puritan; and Quaker influence. The melting pot of the America’s began when each group went to war or dominated the other, mixing the cultural soup that made North America what it is today.
This American Loyalist listing will concentrate on the “Southern Group” with a focus on the Irish and Scottish Loyalists’ too. The areas covered will be Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Western Frontier where possible. Published by Paul J. Bunnell, UE, 2007, 160 pages. $20 plus $4 S/H and $1.50 for each addition item., and we accept U.S. and Canadian funds.

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