Violette Reunion 2011





Violette Family Reunion

31th Anniversary Celebration

“We Are One”


Greetings Violette Family!  The Violette Family Association, created by our founder Rita Violette Lippe. Our 31th Anniversary Reunion Celebration for 5,6,7 Aug. 2011, American Legion Hall is a very special because it is going to be held in the heart of our Violette ancestors settled hometown, Van Buren, Maine.  Our very first Violette Family Reunion had its humble beginnings at St. Theresa's Parish Hall in Metheun, MA on July 16, 1978.  Rita Violette Lippe had expected 50 people to attend but to her delight 375 showed up to celebrate the Violette Family. Since then, we have had Violette Family reunions on a regular basis, usually three years apart.  The largest ever was held in Van Buren, ME in 1981 when 810 showed up in the "cradle" of the Violette family. Let's see how close we can come to that number at our 31st Reunion.



One special event will be a visit to the Acadian Village where Ann Roy is Director in Van Buren, ME


The monument erected by the Violette Family Association in 1989 commemorating Francois Violette's settling at that location.

The New Violette Family Board of Directors for the 2008-2011 Term
President: Paul Bunnell,  email:  Tel: (603) 672-6616
Vice-President: Christine Lippincott, email: Tel: (512) 590-0266
Secretary: Rod Violette, email:, Tel: (916) 434-8136
Treasurer: Paul Violette, email:  Tel: (919) 736-4800
5, 6, 7, August of 2011
The Violette Family Reunion
In the area of Van Buren, Maine (More details to follow as they develop.
As President of this family association, I will be there with my entire family. All Violette family members are welcome to attend and there will be many activities including a visit to The Acadian Village, tours, meetings, family dinners and entertainment. This reunion we will have expanded Vendors; Violette Items, research books by Paul Bunnell, CD's and many research items by Yvon Cyr who will be there including his"Violette Family Genealogy" on CD that contains lineage-linked information on 3,830 individuals. Also, there will be available copies of the excellent book 'History of the Cajuns'.

You can connect to Yvon Cyr's website at for added information. Also, we will have our own family genealogy, Rod Violette who will have our family data base there to help members see their connections. Yvon was kind enough to place a special page plus more Acadian Historical Information here: or, directly on the Violette Family Association web site, at Our Reunion will be followed shortly thereafter, by the Cyr Family Reunion August 11 to 15, 2011 being held in conjunction with the Madawaska Acadian Festival in both Madawaska, Maine and Edmundston, New Brunswick... I will likewise be conduction genealogy seminars in Edmundston during the Festival, on behalf of La Sociétée Louis-Napoléon Dugal. You can find additional information by connecting to my web site at ,, or the Madawaska Acadian Festival web site. This will be a great opportunity for visitors to schedule their vacation to attend these "Acadian Festivities" being held in this area, from August 5 to 15, 2011
Check out this site, thanks to David Violette, 
Comments from Yvon Cyr on our reunion:

Hi Cousin(e):

1. The Cyr and Violette Family Reunions were a smashing success! I enjoyed attending and participating in both and had the opportunity to meet-up with so many of my internet-cousins in Madawaska (Cyr) and Van Buren (Violette).

a) The Cyr Family Reunion: The Cyr Organizing Committee did an outstanding job under the capable leadership of its President, Norman Cyr. A series of three Cyr Genealogy Books were produced by Jackie Querze [you can contact her at Home: 207-7286325, Cell: 207-316-2522 or email:], at the minimal price of $60.00 (for the three books). Unfortunately, the books were not produced in time for the reunion and I am still awaiting my copies of same. The updated "Cyr Family Genealogy" CD-ROM (with additional 8,000 individuals) was a hot commodity at the reunion. Connect to for added information. Want to hear the song which was produced just for the Cyr Family Reunion? Click on

b) The Violette Family Reunion: Headed-up by my good friend, Paul Bunnell, the Violette Family Reunion was very successful. The election of new officers were conducted during the reunion and following are the new 'head-honchos'...

President: David A. Violette [] Visit David's web site at

Vice-President: Paul L. Violette

Secretary: Rod Violette

Treasurer: Don Hudenburg

2. Needless to say, the next major Acadian-Cajun event will be the Congres Mondial Acadien to be held in 2014 in parts of Quebec, Maine and New Brunswick (Acadia of the Lands and Forest - L'Acadie des terres et forets). Connect to my for latest information, as well as a map indicating where the CMA2014 will be held.

3. "History of the Cajuns" Book: Those of you who attended the Cyr and Violette Family Reunions are aware that I "ran out of inventory" this Summer however, pleased to advise I have now received additional inventory of this excellent publication. Details can be found at

4. The Acadian and Cajun Genealogy, History, Culture and Music Facebook Group which I created earlier this year, currently has 1,561 members and is a phnominal success. I am grateful to my Cajun cousin, Paul LeBlanc, for accepting to act as my Assistant Administrator. Interested in joining? View the Group Guidelines at

5. While the Internet is a wonderful resource for researching our roots, it is also a powerful medium which can be used by some (perhaps unknowingly) to perpetuate misleading and incorrect information. This often results in "myths" which require years before they are corrected by serious researchers. To assist everyone in this regards, I have recently posted an "Acadian Myths" page on my web site. Be sure to visit at and correct your genealogy research accordingly.

6. As the Administrator of the Cyr Surname DNA Group Project (only), I have tried to encourage those of Cyr ancestry to have their DNA tested and join our Group. See for details of our efforts to determine the origin of Pierre Sire/Sirre, our first ancestor. Also, visit the following for DNA resource information: Needless to say, DNA is _not_ limited to the Cyr surname and, as a matter of fact, one of the best existing Group which I would encourage you to join (in addition to ours, if you are a Cyr), is the "French Heritage Group Project which, I believe has in excess of 1,500 members...if memory serves me well, but it doesn't always ;-). That project is dedicated to the hundreds of founding ancestors who came primarily from France in the 17th century and whom most of us with French surnames, descend. The objective of that Project (as it is with our Cyr Group), is to identify the DNA signatures of our earliest ancestors, by testing present-day proven (or alleged) descendants. The DNA Project of Family Tree DNA hope to provide, for generations to come, a DNA benchmark signature for those ancestors. This will allow others with similar signature (or variations), a standard to match against. Check out...

In English :
En français:

7. And finally, for all my Acadian-Cajun cousins receiving this newsletter, don't forget the "Le Grand Reveil Acadien - The Great Acadian Awakening" taking place in St. Martinville, Louisiana next month (October 2011). For More Information Contact Ray Trahan, Louisiana Acadie President; Phone: (337) 288-2681 Email:

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Summer (despite the inconsistent weather conditions) and are giving thought to the fast-arriving Fall season. Stay safe and keep healthy

Kindest personal regards,