"The Mount Shasta Story"


In my younger years, after I was married, we made many trips up to Mount Shasta to visit my parents who lived and worked year round at Lake Siskitou, the most beautiful and peaceful looking lake near the base of the volcano. Their living conditions were intriguing to me as they existed in their small camper, tightly fastened on top their 1969 Ford truck. Every movement had to be carefully planned before anyone got up and moved in that tiny space. Bathing, cooking, eating, and sleeping, all had their place and time, but I never saw my parents so happy. Exploring the woods and riverbeds were exciting events for them nearly everyday. The famous creature, Big Foot lived out there, somewhere along with the wolves and bears. The high steep mountains crash down to the lakes edge and the picture perfect image of Mount Shasta glistens across the surface of Lake Siskitou. This was truly paradise! Indian legends run deep in this area including its well known volcanic instability. In the past when the mountain blew its top, the Gods spoke, and sometimes the monstrous beasts would make themselves known. Many new age groups started their own stories about Mount Shasta, but it is the Indian legends that stand out. My interest in archeology, ghosts, strange myths and legends helped me to create this story. This story is a fictional account, but my parent’s existence was real and their excitement of life and curiosity of the strange and unknown were accrual experiences. They explored the back woods of the northwest and enjoyed all its natural wonder. To them, Big Foot, Aliens and strange Indian legends were right up there with their late night movie adventures like the “Day The Earth Stood Still,” “Vampires From The Moon,” The Incredible Melting Man,” “Them,” and “The Thing.” What transpires in this story is really not that far fetched. Recently, explorers found a lost world on the island of Borneo where prehistoric and unknown animals and other life forms suddenly appeared. This story is based on a fantastic discovery, much bigger then the above case in point. Can it really happen? No one really knows. I dedicate this short story to the frontier spirit of my parents. They loved nature very much. Their lives were always filled with adventure in the wild and their love of a good cheap “B” horror movie late at night was a great addition to the topping on top the large bowl of ice cream they shared. Here is to you mom and dad. I love you, and miss you. ============= “The sheet of ice was so thick. And I had no time to study the plant life below. Suddenly, they moved below me. I cannot believe my eyes. But no one listens to me.” Over 50 pages, soft cover, published 2007 by Paul J. Bunnell Order today fpor $8.95 plus $4 S/H, please add $1.50 for additional each book

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