Loyalist Activity Photos


Starting with the Loyalist flag, there is listed Benjamin Bonnell's ghost taken in August 1985 on Devil's Back, Greenwich, near Westfield, New Brunswick, Canada where he died on 17 Feb. 1828 and buried there on 19 Feb. 1828. Next is his house (photo taken in 1890's) at Long Reach, Westfield, New Brunswick where King George III granted him 200 acres right on the Saint John River. Next is artifacts that was found in 1988 in the walls of Ben's house. The museum dated them at 1780's which would make it the Bunnell/Bonnell period. Next is my logo showing the 3 stages of Benjamin Bonnell's life; Loyalist boy, Farmer, and soldier; next is at Ft. Independence, Boston Harbor at Tory Trails Loyalist Days; my vendor tent at the same event dated 2006. Thanks to my wheelchair for getting me through this pleasant day.; my dad, James H. Bunnell Sr. grave site at National Cemetery, Bourne, Massachusetts. He is the 5th Great Grandson of the Loyalist Benjamin Bonnell; Canadian Flag