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Koasek Abenaki Co-Chief,  & Professional Genealogist, Author


Paul J. Bunnell, UE:



My Credentials & Experience
Pacoima Jr. High School, Pacoima, California - 1961-62
Junior High: Sutter Jr. High School, Canoga Park, California – Graduated - 1962
High School: Canoga Park High School, Canoga Park, California – Graduated 1965
College: Moorpark, Moorpark, California – Attended 1970-1971
 Bringham Young University (BYU), Major - Genealogy 1987-93
Registered Citizen of Koasek Abenaki Traditional Band, 2004, Sub-Chief 2008-2011, Acting Chief May 2011- 10 Aug. 2011, Co-Chief 10 Aug. 2011 to 2013,
Re-elected Co-Chief  29 May 2013 to 2020 (7 year term), Tribal Genealogist & Dawnland Voice Newsletter Editor 2004 to Present.
Registered, Certified and Documented member of United Empire Loyalist Ancestor, Benjamin Bunnell #MC 2443-82 awarded on 6 Sept. 1982, by UEL Association, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Documented and Proven lines qualifying use of U.E. capitals designated by the Royal Dorchester Proclamation of 1789 by King George III (A Royal designation). Two more UE ancestors added later; John Day (#MC 3934-87 dated 25 May 1987) and Sarah Jones.
Brigham Young University, Independent Study Program, Provo, UT
I Registered for and Majored in their Genealogy (AA) Associates Degree program. Where I completed every required genealogy related class before program ended. BYU is the equivalent to the Harvard of Genealogy). Genealogical and documented character references were required along with my Priest signing off on added character reference. The Head Librarian and supervisor of the Sturgis Library, Genealogical Collections, Barnstable, Mass. was in charge of all testing and communications with BYU.  All correspondence were supervised by certified mail. 1987-1993.
Grade results were "A" Average in Library Science, Parcticum, British Sources, Sem & Spec Problems, NE U.S.A & Canada Genealogy, Midwest U.S.A, Paleography, Scotland & Ireland.
American College of Genealogists, Corp. Illinois
Documented, approved and certified registered Professional Genealogist. This organization was a third choice at the time with NGS and IPG organizations who also certified genealogists. After intense testing and documented test cases I was approved. I needed one other highly professional genealogist to review my results.  I picked as my signed sponsor, Gary Boyd Roberts of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society, Boston Mass. (He is regarded as one of NEHGS highest qualified genealogist)
Awarded certification 1988 giving me ACG initials after my name.
Fellowship awarded #77, 8 May 1990 giving me FACG initials after my name.
Note: This organization was dissolved approx 1999. There is only one board of certification left and if you are interested in certification please go to: 
I personally met His Highness, The Prince Philip in 1989 in Lennoxville, Quebec at a United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada when he attended our conference in recognition of the U.E. initial designation by Lord Dorchester for King George III in 1789. He later signed a royal photo for me and accepted my first book, Thunder Over New England, Benjamin Bonnell, The Loyalist, a signed copy into his personal Buckingham Palace Library.
Saint John, New Brunswick Mayor, Elsie Wayne presented my with the Loyalist Man Pin, the signature emblem of that City of the Loyalist in 1988.
I was invited as Loyalist Speaker at the 225th. Loyalist Landing Conference at Saint John, New Brunswick. My table guests were Provincial representative and Ex-mayor of Saint John, my good friend Elsie Wayne and his honorable Stuart Okill who served in WWII with and good friend of His Highness The Prince Philip.
Awarded the Edmund L. Sanderson Lecture Series Award 13 March 2007, by the Waltham Historical Society, Waltham, Mass, established 1913. (for Loyalist Lecture)
Our past Chief Brian Chenevert and co-chief Nancy Millette gave me my Indian name, Gwilawato (He looks for something).  I was very proud to be accepted as a registered citizen on 13 July 2006. And later asked to be Tribal Genealogist. And on 2 Nov. 2008 I was elected Sub-Chief of our Tribe and Nation by a truly democratic process that all legitimate Indian Nation do as they practiced democracy long before our country did.
Two great achievements I recently have had the honor to partake in is the hard work and dedication in attempting to refine and create a Native American Commission in Vermont (Bill 222) which was not designed in a democratic manner so our struggle to weed out hostile and controlling factions has been an ongoing effort and I pray the outcome will not allow a minority group of organizations that are mostly spin-offs from our nation because they did not want a democratic elected body. So, I hope all my efforts and those of others will come to pass in Vermont.
The second recognition bill 1610 is located in New Hampshire which is a Native American Commission that will be run by a democratic process without special interest groups, and truly dedicated to all Indian groups in New Hampshire. After a lot of work by myself and much more by others, appears to be a successful bill that will be approved by our State representatives. I am no politician though I have many years experience in Presidential Campaigns years past, but I am very proud of the outcome this bill will have over all the hostile dictatorial leaders of false Native American cluds. Our Abenaki ancestors are not tribes permenately restricted to one state or village like the government and non-indian groups would like. Our traditional territories are really New England and Eastern Canada. Our nomadic history is well documented.
Associations Past & Present

Association of Professional Genealogists, Inc. 1983 - 1995 

Cape Cod (Mass) Writers Group – Member & President 1990 to 1995

Falmouth Genealogical Society, Falmouth, Mass. (one of the founders) 1982 to Present Life Member

American Canadian Genealogical Society, Manchester Mass. Member 1985 to Present

Canadian French Genealogical Society, Pawtucket, RI, Member 1984 to 1990

Madawaska Historical Society, Madawaska, Maine, Life Member

Kings Country Historical & Archival Society, New Brunswick, Canada, Life Member

TIARA, Boston, Mass. Member 1985 off and on to 2005

New England Historical & Genealogical Society, Boston, Mass. Member 1982 to 1990.

Essex County (Mass) Genealogical Society, Lynnfield, Mass. Member 1982 to 1992

United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, Fredericton Branch, New Brunswick 1981 to 2004

United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, Saint John Branch, New Brunswick 1981 to Present

The Hereditary Order of Descendants of The Loyalist and Patriots of The American Revolution.

Registered BYU blood donor on their genealogical DNA study For Early Essex Co., Mass Ancestors

Violette Family Association, Member & President 1977 to Present

Sou'Nova Metis Band of Nova Scotia, Canada. Supporter 1998 to Present

Koasek Abenaki Traditional Band, Sub-Chief & Tribal Genealogist & Newsletter Editor

Founder & Editor of The only Loyalist Quarterly Newsletter produced in USA, 4 times a year since 2004 to Present

Acadian Cultural Society, Fitchburg, Mass, Life Member 1981-Present

Bunnell/Bonnell Family Association Newsletter and DNA Project.

New Brunswick Historical Society, Member 1984 to Present

New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Fredericton, New Brunswick, 1985 to Present

BallyKilcline Society, (Devoted to Irish families banished, Killglass, County Roscommon, Ireland in 1848) 1989-Pres

National Society of Genealogists, Washington DC, Member 1985 to 1990

Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, Member 1985 to 1995

Society of Professional Genealogists, Member, 1985 to 1995

Maine Genealogical Society, Member 1985-89

Genealogical Society of the Westfields, New Jersey, Member 1984 to 1990

New Jersey Genealogical Society, Member 1984 to 1990

New York Biographical and Genealogical Society, New York, Member 1984 to 1989

Marion County, West Virginia Historical & Genealogical Society, 1984 to 1990

Minnesota Genealogical Society, Minneapolis, MN, Member 1982-1995

Minnesota Historical Society, Minneapolis MN, Member 1982-1995

Bohenian (Yugoslavia) Genealogical Society, Minneapolis, MN 1982-1989

Iowa Genealogical Society, Des Mones, IA, Member 1982-89

Genealogical Society of The Westfields, NJ, 1980-1990

 Marion Genealogical Society, West Virginia 1980-1990

Corp du Quebec Metis, 1990-2004

Koasek Abenaki Sub-Chief 2006-2011

Koasek Abenaki Co-Chief 2011-Present 

Koasek Abenaki Co-Chief 2013 to 2020 (7 year term)


Lectures, Conferences

My speaking engagements have been in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and New Brunswick, including TV interviews on Cape Cod, Mass. and Saint John, New Brunswick stations. I have also produced several Internet articles on genealogy, including Black Loyalist, and Bonnell/Bunnell Loyalists. And let’s not forget the “Loyalist Ghost of Benjamin Bonnell.” Publications are many; Thunder Over New England; The New Loyalist Index’s 1-10; American Migrations & Documents Guide; The House of Robinson of Rhode Island & Baltimore, Maryland; Life of a Haunted House, The Barnstable House; Cemetery Inscriptions of The Town of Barnstable, Mass; Acadian & Cajun Cooking & Home Remedies; Research Guide to Loyalist Ancestors; Tumbleweed, The Nellie Markham Letters; Evacuee Loyalists of Boston, Mass. March 1776; and Loyalists of Exeter, New Hampshire and Area; many others in progress. I enjoy traveling around lecturing or selling books at my Vendor table at conventions. I also produced the very popular French & North American Indian Marriages 1600-1800 and Metis Series, vol. 1-10. I'm also author of The Untimely Deaths of Pro Wrestlers.

In March of 2005, I successfully assisted in helping solve a Loyalist search problem for the popular TV program, "History Detectives," produced by Lion Television in New York. The Loyalist family finally settled in Ontario. Also I assisted in supporting and providing Loyalist material for the creation of the new Genealogical TV program, "New Who Do You Think You Are?" Television Series! on NBC on Fridays beginning March 5 - at 8 PM (Eastern) 7 PM (Central). Lisa Kudrow, who executive produced the show will be featured in the episodes, along with Sarah Jessica Parker, Spike Lee, Matthew Broderick, Susan Sarandon, Emmitt Smith, and Brooke Shields.
June 2011 - I also conducted a Loyalist talk on the “Forget-Me-Not”Radio and Internet History and Genealogy program produced by Jane Wilcox in Northern New York in 2011 
2014 Interviewed on Ghost Hunters TV Program on the Barnstable House based on my experiences in my book, Life of a Haunted House, The Barnstable House.
2015 Research provided for Genealogy Road Show (TV Program) on Isaac Bunnell, son of Loyalist Benjamin Bonnell.
As a  very active genealogist, I created The States Genealogical & Historical Vendor & Attendee Conference that was held at Nashua, New Hampshire. I also started the State Historical & Genealogical Reporter newsletter devoted to New Hampshire listing all related events, articles, societies, historical and genealogical happenings. First release was in August 2006 and ran until Jan. 2007.
My Genealogical Heritage
I have proud lines from Abenaki, Huron, Micmac and other Algonquin families that cover all of New England and Eastern Canada and from DNA results possibly beyond, with very early association with Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, Mass. There were many intermarried with the Wampanoag. (Cottle & Osgood Families). DNA Studies resulted in finding South Western, U.S., Mexican, Central American and Southern Argentina ancient Indian bloodlines. Today, I have connected my native lines to 50 Native ancestors and over 75 native genealogies. 
My rich Canadian French and English lines connect into the royal houses of Europe and the Middle East containg the mysterious Merovingian Bloodlines of the Di Vinci Fame.
My Early Colonial lines come from founding settlers of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and other eastern towns, including Amesbury, Salisbury, Newbury, Essex County Massachusetts, and Charlestown, Cambridge, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain and Boston, Massachusetts.
Other early colonial settlements were New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. A large portion of Maine families came from Kittery, York County, Van Buren.
My Canadian ancestors came from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, Quebec, Prince Edward Island.
My Potato Famine Irish ancestors Came to New York City in 1848, and 90% of the family members settled and worked the Rutland Vermont area until my direct moved to South Boston. Many relatives still live in this area today.     
My Italian Grandmother and both her parents sailed from Genoa Italy in 1910 for Ellis Island, NY.  They came from a small village in Itlay called Buccasoulo where my Bertogli and related families lived for at least 300 years.                   



My Long Time Support


While being one of the founders of the Falmouth Genealogy Society (Cape Cod), Falmouth Mass. we were one of a hand full of other societies that created and support the NEW ENGLAND REGIONAL GENEALOGICAL CONFERENCE. I was one of their speakers and vendors at the very first conference at Sturbridge Ma.


Past NERGC Conference History where I spoke and vendored.


1992   Sturbridge, Massachusetts            1st. Conference

1994   Manchester, New Hampshire        2nd Conference

1995   Burlington, Vermont                          3rd Conference

1997   Cromwell, Connecticut                     4th Conference

1998   Portland, Maine                                 5th Conference              

2000   Providence, Rhode Island               6th Conference

2003   Falmouth, Massachusetts              7th Conference

2005   Portland, Maine                                  8th Conference

2007   Hartford, Connecticut                        9th Conference

2009   Manchester, New Hampshire        10th Conference

2011   Springfield, Massachusetts             11th Conference

2013   Manchester, New Hampshire         12th Conference

2015   Providence, Rhode Island              13th Conference




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