Paul on Ghost Hunters
Barnstable House

GHOST HUNTERS – Season 10 – Barnstable House (interview with Paul Bunnell)

SEASON 10 EPISODE 6      Aired 30 Sept. 2015 on SYFY.

There Ghosts The Neighborhood


I had my 5 seconds of fame.


The team travels to Massachusetts where the Beechwood Inn and the neighboring Barnstable house, built in 1716 are supposedly sharing a ghost. The Barnstable house is called the house of 11 ghosts and has a history of paranormal encounters, including the apparition of a sea captain and a little girl named Lucy. There is a woman in white who wanders between the house and the Inn.

The team gathers some audio evidence at Barnstable to verify a few of the claims they were investigating, but came up short in the Inn this time. But, they can always come back if the activity increases or becomes malicious.